About Us

Share Anonymous is an ongoing project that is transforming society’s understanding and response to sexual and domestic violence using storytelling, data, and technology. Citizen-generated and open data play an important role because it can complement official sources of data, fill data gaps that exist in a timely way and supplement official reporting when data quality is insufficient.

For our work, we believe that our data can help ensure that there is a better understanding of the scale of sexual violence, and its impact on victims and survivors in our society. It can help the fight against sexual violence by providing critical information on the dynamics of victimization, the dynamics of disclosure, revictimization trends, traumatic responses, addiction and suicide trends, etc. These insights can inform national priorities and help determine the effective paths for action on national, as well as local level, about the issue of sexual violence. Data visualization, openly available online, and generated through our data form, can help communities and institutions influence decision makers and improve services.

At Share Anonymous, victims and survivors can share their stories of sexual violence anonymously. We have provided a discussion forum (Share Anonymous Forum) which is essentially a peer-to-peer support community where victims and survivors can interact with one another, share their recovery journey, and receive solidarity and support. We have also provided expert information and resources on sexual violence and the affecting trauma, openly accessible to victims, survivors and the general public.

We want to help end the loneliness, silence, and secrecy that often surround these experiences by inviting all victims and survivors to reclaim their voices and share their stories in an open and safe space.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform society’s understanding and response to sexual and domestic violence through storytelling, data, and technology.


Our vision is a world free of all forms of sexual violence and domestic violence.

Our Principles


Publish Every Story

Our first priority is making sure that every single story is published, that way the survivor is given a safe space to share her/his experience. YOU = our priority.


Using Data science

We believe data science and technology is an important tool for social change, making us faster and more accurate. Your story will influence policies and shape how these issues are received and talked about.


Open Collaboration

We believe in open collaboration and interaction. Our learning will be shared on social media, in newsletters, at conferences, etc.