Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Share Anonymous. We rely on the enthusiasm, commitment and generosity of our many supporters to be able to continue the work that we do to heal and empower survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

We are eager to harness the energy and support that prospective volunteers like you regularly offer to us. We know that sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse affect people across the country, therefore, we encourage you to reach out to an organization in your area with an offer of your time and talents while spreading awareness of Share Anonymous’ mission and work. It takes all of us working together in our own space to put an end to these crimes.

There are many ways you can volunteer your time, creativity and enthusiasm for the work we do at Share Anonymous, here are some recommendations:

Volunteer in Your Local Community in Honor of Share Anonymous.

One of the most powerful things we can do as a community is, support and affirm the work of other organizations who are a part of the wider movement to end sexual and domestic violence. Please consider going through this link to find an organization near you that has volunteering opportunities. Feel free to let them know that Share Anonymous sent you!

Become a Digital Advocate.

Due to geography, time constraints and other factors, not everyone can physically volunteer with another organization. But we need your support in any of its limitless forms. Another option is to become a “Digital Advocate” for Share Anonymous. You can do that by doing the following:

•   Sign up for regular updates to stay involved.
•   Connect with us on social media to help raise awareness of our issues with those in your social networks.
•   Commit to sharing a blog article, website page, or any other link about Share Anonymous per week to friends and family.
•   Look out for online advocacy opportunities that we’re participating in.

Donate Your Time and Talent to Raise Funds and Awareness.

If you’re crafty or love hosting events, consider making products or holding a fundraiser or awareness event in honor of Share Anonymous.


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